OurMaps A Spatial Justice Toolkit for Grassroots Organizing

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NYC Garbage Machine

New York City Garbage Machine, by the Center for Urban Pedagogy. Featured in An Atlas of Radical Cartography, edited by Lize Mogel and Alexis Bhagat.

The CivicMaps Toolkit

The Civic Maps Toolkit is an online resource designed to introduce novice users to the field of civic maps, and support the integration of mapping into your work. There is a long history of communities using maps for action, from participatory GIS to environmental justice, from indigenous land claims to crisis mapping. As GIS and map literacies become more widespread, maps are increasingly important tools across all spheres of civic life. Recent years have seen an explosion of new civic mapping tools and practices. For example, Open Street Maps allows large numbers of people to participate in improving an open map base; Grassroots Mapping provides tools for community-created aerial imagery layers; Ushahidi’s hosted Crowdmap service allows quick and easy creation of incident report maps; the list goes on. This toolkit is designed to orient grassroots groups and small organizations to the possibilities of civic mapmaking by introducing real world examples, a resource guide, and a gallery of beautiful, awesome, rockin’ civicmaps.

  • Case studies: Case studies provide overviews of real world projects that utilized mapping, including their goals, how they engaged communities, technologies used, and the impact of their mapping work. Interested in adding a case study? Contact us and let us know! We’ll work with you to submit your case studies to the site.
  • Resources: This section will provide visitors with links to a variety of resources that can support their use needs, such as technologies, curriculum, and literature.The project team will create short (3-5 sentences) resource overviews, with links to additional information and materials.
  • Gallery: We’ve started to compile a gallery of civicmaps. Know of additional maps or images you’d like to share? Join the pinterest board and pin your maps!