OurMaps A Spatial Justice Toolkit for Grassroots Organizing


Healthy City is an information + action resource that unites community voices, research and technology to solve the root causes of social inequity in California. Healthy City incorporates authorities in public policy, technology, and data...

Advancement Project (Healthy City Community Research Lab)

Data.gov allows the public to find, download, and use datasets that are generated and held by the US Federal Government. Data.gov provides information about how to access the datasets and tools that leverage government datasets. The data catalogs...


DIVA-GIS provides free data (ArcGIS shape files) for any country in the world.


The European Environment Agency (EEA) is an agency of the European Union. They provide in-depth environmental data on most of the countries in Europe.

European Environment Agency data, policy

GeoCommunity is a provider of free and for purchase geographic data. The data available from this site requires users to be proficient in GIS.

GIS Data Depot

GADM is a free spatial database of the locations of countries and their lower-level subdivisions.

Global Administrative Areas

Abandoned buildings are everywhere. How is our society managing these buildings? Impossible living is a project that aims to build a worldwide database of abandoned buildings, to provide tools and knowledge to help our users start rescue...

Impossible Living

Natural Earth is a public domain map dataset. With Natural Earth, you can make a variety of visually pleasing, well-crafted maps with cartography or GIS software.

Natural Earth

VDS provides public domain street map data for 92 countries, US map data, and crowdsourced world data. They also have free GIS tools such as a map data viewer, a shapefile merge tool, and a tool to convert OpenStreetMap XLM files to shapefiles.

VDS Technologies crowdsourcing, data